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Powered by FinanceAgri, SITAGRI helps the agro-industry achieve their development objectives.

Determined to revolutionize the information market by shifting the paradigm from a technical to a customer-oriented solution, FinanceAgri has completely redesigned its information platforms by focusing on product usability, accessibility, simplicity whilst simultaneously improving reactivity, security, modularity and mobility.

Our team of senior developers has laboured for nearly two years and the result is SitagriPro Infinite – a truly impressive product of engineering. Marketed as a Software-as-a-Service, SitagriPro requires absolutely no installation and is accessible from any machine, any browser, any operating system ( Windows, Mac, Linux etc). Being a service, the software is always up-to-date whatever the platform, freeing the customer from the entanglement of IT management and allowing them to remain focused on their core business.


Cash price coverage

We have developed an impressive cash price network with a worldwide coverage that has amassed years of useful market information. Our system allows you to exploit and present this information in order for you to better predict market tendencies.

User friendly

No installation, no downloads, no 3rd party plug-ins, no hassle – just an immediately available online service. SitagriPro Infinite being a SAAS software service is always up-to-date, no need to deploy an expensive IT service for maintenance. Our mission is to offer user-friendly and cost effective solutions.


We pride ourselves in treating our customers as people and not as mere numbers, our support team is always available and at your service. Our customers constancy and loyalty to our service is indicative of the quality of customer service they receive in and out of business hours.

About FinanceAgri

FinanceAgri is a leading soft commodity information company.We help the agro-industry achieve their development objectives, FinanceAgri successfully proposes several key assets. Within 12 years FinanceAgri has more than 300 customers in 25 countries, mainly in Europe, through services dedicated to the soft commodity market. Having gained hands-on experience with innovative and creative technology to deliver critical information to the agro-industry, FinanceAgri now provides real-time data, news, chart and analytics for soft commodity professionals through different product and services:

Visit our website for more information: www.financeagri.com



Training Riskagri
Specific training for executives, sales, farmers, traders and industrials.

RMS Agri

Risk Management
Daily risk management via expert advisories, reports and a dedicated hot line.


FinanceAgri Media
Visual and brand identity, internet and extranet websites and many more communication skills.